How to have a pure African experience in Cape Town

How to have a pure African Experience in Cape Town

How to have a pure African experience in Cape Town

Here is how you can have a pure African experience in Cape Town

There are two types of experiences one can have in the iconic city of Cape Town. The first one is to experience Africa in Cape Town but the second is to have a pure African experience in Cape Town.

At first glance these two statements might sound a bit repetitive but I can guarantee you that there is definitely a difference.

Let’s say you have done all the traditional breath-taking tours we have in the mother city such as the Cape Point tour with the panoramic views of Houtbay and the 114 curves marathoner road of Chapman’s Peak not to mention the tip of Africa as it is commonly known with Baboons, Ostriches, antelopes plus many other animals that reside in the nature reserve of the Cape of Good Hope not forgetting the soft and fluffy feathered penguins of Boulders Beach in Simons Town.

You have also done the city tour with its historic points such as the Castle of Good hope which is the oldest colonial building in Soutth Africa, the Bo-Kaap with the array of beautiful, attention seeking colourful houses with cobble stone streets. You visited the Company Gardens which was the first vegetable garden used by the Dutch settlers to grow food, the Winelands of Franchhoek and the Wine Capital city of Stellenbosch with oak-lined trees and white European styled houses.

Furthermore you have climbed your fair share of mountains like the magnificent Table Mountain which happens to be one of the seventh wonders of the world (although it’s definitely not by accident), taken a sunset cruise at Waterfront, and for those of you who are a bit braver than our everyday tourist you managed to go the extra mile and done some of the best adventurous activities we have such as Shark Cage Diving, Quad-bike Safari, Paragliding, Horse Riding, Helicopter tours, Canoeing at the Garden Route, Zip lining in Elgin, Whale Watching in Hermanus and many others.

However even though all the above are great and to die for, I think you would agree with me that none of them represent an authentic African Experience.

Therefore it stands to reason that an African experience is essentially about embarking on a discovery of the African indigenous values and cultures as they were in the times before 1652. It’s                about experiencing the culture, the people, the music as well as the food of the African people while you are in the African soil.

There are a number of places you will find with such African vibe in Cape Town but in this article we decided to recommend two places that will with no doubt light the African fire in you:

Located in the city centre about 5 minutes away from Waterfront, this African cultural restaurant offers the finest African cuisine accompanied with drumming lessons, dance and even theatre. The dress code of the waitresses and waiters is nothing short of exciting, coupled with the fact that they take time to paint your face in African style ending up in looking just like them add to the excitement ushered by the drum beating music that plays on and on.

Situated in the heart of the first ever established township in Cape Town called Langa.

After a friendly introduction to the people, the culture as well as the day to day lives of the African people you will have the privilege of dinning in African style having nothing but the typical indigenous music playing on the background while learning the local dance.

These are just some of the few places where you can have a pure african experience that will make you come back to South Africa and learn some more.

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