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+27 780648778 info@viemmatourscapetown.co.za


Being in a country you never been before can be a little challenging, especially if on top of being the first time you also do not speak the language(but you speak PORTUGUESE or other language) that most people speak in that country let alone the indigenous languages. Taking that into consideration we decided to offer our clients AIRPORT TRANSFERS that will enable them to navigate the streets of our city from the airport or Hotel with the help of a friendly local that speaks both the local language and the tourist’s language. Problem solved…


Group Transfers

A shared shuttle with passengers going to the same direction only. Customers can enjoy a free beverage and newspaper while they wait. This is a door to door service .


Point To Point Transfers

If you you need a transfer to go to a conference or a meeting with your colleagues and would like to be dropped off and picked up this option is for you

Portuguese tours in Cape Town

Private Transfers

Book a Private transfer for you and your partner and experience exclusive shuttling that leaves the airport as soon as you arrive at the airport conviniently for you.

Some of the companies that experienced our tours

"Viemma Tours is run by two smart, handsome guys who are extremely helpful, efficient, charming and full of fun. They always have exciting music playing and are very chatty and knowledgeable. I thoroughly recommend them."
“Very interesting tour of Bo Kaap and the township of Langa and District Six muséum. Thank you very much Sebastian and the photographer. It was à great moment."