shopping in Cape Town

Where to do shopping in Cape Town

shopping in cape town

Where to do (cheap) shopping in Cape Town

Do you want to know where to do shopping while visiting Cape Town?

Here are 3 shopping malls that are worth your while visiting during your stay in the mother city:

1.Access Park (shopping mall)

If you are looking for shops to buy brand clothing but you are in a budget, then Access Park is definitely the right shopping Centre to do cheap shopping in Cape Town.

The mall is very popular with locals (a few tourists) because they have an array of factory shops that represent all the big-name clothing brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas and many more that offer from 30% to 50% discount in prices.

Where to find it?

The mall is situated in the Kenilworth area, on the Kromboom Parkway M5 only 9 km away from the city Centre and they have outlet shops that offer specials almost every week.

We recommend going with a tour guide/translator to help you with translation and identify the specials during your shopping because customer service at the shop is not that great.


The shopping is under 24 hours security for parking, but we advise being cautious when walking around. Try not to show off your jewelries and cell phones.


The toilets are moderately clean but the signs are not very visible so you will have to look out for the sign or ask one of the security personnel. The main toilet can be located just opposite the famous shoe shop called FOOT GEAR.


There are no restaurants in Access Park and therefore unless one is ok with fast food, we recommend having a proper breakfast before leaving the Hotel. But one can also make alternative arrangement for lunch in case the fast-food route is no option at all.

Once again, we recommend that you use someone who knows the area well who can take you to a restaurant for lunch.

2. Canal Walk (shopping mall)

Canal Walk is arguably the biggest shopping Centre we have in South Africa with many shops, restaurants, cinemas as well as a gaming place for kids.

Even though it does not fall into the cheap shopping in Cape Town category like Access Park, it is, nonetheless one of the most sought-after shopping malls in the mother city.

The mall is situated in the heart of Century city in the Milnerton area about 10 km from the city Centre and close to the air-force base on the N1 national road just after you pass the site where Ratanga Junction used to be.

Once again, we recommend the services of an experienced guide because the mall is so big that it is possible for one to get lost.


The shopping Centre is very secure and there is ample parking. Please note that parking is not free and costs about R8 per hour.


The toilets are very clean and accessible found on every floor, but since they are not very visible, you will need to ask a security personnel for directions in case you do not see them.


There are many restaurants in Canal Walk so all you need to do is look around for one that suits your appetite. There is also a food court where you will find some fast-food kiosks that offer different options from burgers to pizza. You are most welcome to sit down and have lunch on the tables provided, only remember to considerate to other users.

3. Waterfront (shopping mall)

Waterfront is the most visited shopping Centre in South Africa with many people from all over the world coming to do shopping, some for, boat cruising, and others to visit the Aquarium or just take a walk to enjoy the scenery.

Unfortunately, it will not necessarily be in the “cheap shopping in Cape Town” category because Waterfront is first and foremost a tourist destination.


Where to find it?

The Centre is situated in the heart of the city in Cape Town close to the Green Point area and the football Stadium.

We suggest you visit the mall during your city tour because the mall has an incredible history that is worthwhile knowing before you do your shopping.


The mall is well secured and there are some kiosks available for getting direction in case one cannot find a particular shop.

Parking is not free and costs about R10 per hour. Please take note that because the Centre is always busy, parking can be difficult and therefore if you have someone who knows the area well it should lessen the burden of the parking experience.


The toilets are always full so please be ready to exercise some patience especially during the weekends, but the toilets are always clean and well looked after.


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